We are Prototype, a Kyivan architectural bureau.

A one-word description of our approach would be ‘microrationality’.        Our go-to conceptual method is experimentally discovering productive counterpoints with utmost attention to particular contexts.        We want to inspire others with our flexibility concerning the variety of both the challenges we take on, from cultural to industrial to residential projects and beyond, and eco-friendly technical macro and microsolutions we provide, whether it be upcycling, minimum/zero waste, circular production, etc.        We might utilize scaffolding as part of a temporary building, construct half of a waste sorting station from the waste it is supposed to sort, or incorporate the materials left from on-site pre-construction dismantling into the project we execute on that site.        We see the future of architecture as it becoming more responsible in terms of inventively reducing the current negative impact of the construction industry on the environment, and more attentive to each project in terms of its broad context and narrow specifics.        We see no future where such a massive and fundamentally creative sphere of human activity as architecture is negligent of the resources it consumes or the products — i.e. human experiences — it yields.        

66 Bohdana Khmelnytskoho St., of.1
01030 Kyiv, Ukraine

phone: +38 098 201 2280
email: hey@prttp.com